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(1967) At last Stax gets its own Label in the UK although they still carried the message "Under licence from Atlantic Recording Corpn., U.S.A.". This record label had a relatively short life but was pretty successful in establishing the 'Stax' brand in the UK. There are some memorable moments courtesy of Otis Redding and Sam & Dave including sides that were not issued as singles in the USA (601004 & 601005).

Sadly, Otis died at the height of his career along with many of the Bar-Kays who were also enjoying their share of popularity. While this was a heavy blow for Stax, there were still a lot of other very strong acts signed to the label able to keep things going. The sheer breadth of talent was breathtaking.

Old favourites Eddie Floyd and Carla Thomas did some of their best work in a while. The Otis & Carla duets were an absolute triumph and showed the way for other Stax couplings in later years. Rufus Thomas did a knock-out job on 'Memphis Train' and kept the dancing alive with 'Sophisticated Sissy' while Booker T., William Bell and Albert King showed what they were made of - pure blues & soul.

New names (to Stax) were Johnnie Taylor and Mabel John. Their first singles (601003 & 601010 respectively) are real gems and certainly the hardest to find from this series. Most 'dealers' that I have spoken to haven't seen or heard of them - probably because they don't command a high price (yet). Johnnie Taylor's 'Ain't That Loving You' was co-written by Booker T. Jones and Homer Banks and has subsequently been recorded by Isaac Hayes and Luther Ingram among others.

Mabel John is one of the few artists that have recorded for both Motown and Stax. Two other girls, Judy Clay and Ruby Johnson showed that they weren't to be overshadowed by the established names. Judy would later partner William Bell on 'Private Number' giving the re-born Stax label one of it's first big hits and help it through even more hard times.

The big money tends to be paid for the Derek Martin (601039) and Linda Lyndell (601041) records. This is because of their popularity with Northern Soul collectors. Very few Stax records have been accepted as Northern Soul probably because they have that heavier 'southern' (as in USA) feel. With Derek Martin, it's the B side, 'Sly Girl' that gets most of the plays. The Linda Lyndell song is a little too 'twee' for me. Pipe and Slippers - what's all that about??? I much prefer her later 'What A Man' that was, sadly, never issued as a Stax 45 in the UK. (It was eventually put out on BGP).

All in all this is a most collectable series. Only 42 singles - 601001 to 601042. No missing catalogue numbers. No 'demo only' problems. The first few were in a darker blue with later re-pressings (if any) in the lighter, more authentic Stax blue. So, if you're a completist, you may end up with over 50 records in this set. Invest in these now while you can still get good quality copies at reasonable prices. It took me nearly 30 years to track them all down but it was well worth the effort. It'll be much easier now that you have eBay.

601001 Eddie Floyd Raise Your Hand 1967 42 Stax 208A
I've Just Been Feeling Bad Stax 208B
601002 Carla Thomas Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You) 1967 -- Stax 207A
It's Starting To Grow Stax 207B
601003 Johnnie Taylor Ain't That Lovin' You 1967 -- Stax 209A
Outside Love Stax 209B
601004 Sam & Dave Soothe Me (Studio) 1967 35 (none)
Sweet Pains (none)
601005 Otis Redding Day Tripper 1967 43 (none)
Shake (Studio) (none)
601006 Sam & Dave When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 1967 -- Stax 210A
A Small Portion Of Your Love Stax 210B
601007 Otis Redding Let Me Come On Home 1967 48 Volt 146B
I Love You More Than Words Can Say Volt 146A
601008 Carla Thomas When Tomorrow Comes 1967 -- Stax 214A
Unchanging Love Stax 214B
601009 Booker T. & M.G.s Hip Hug Her 1967 -- Stax 211A
Summertime Stax 211B
601010 Mable John Same Time, Same Place 1967 -- Stax 215A
Bigger And Better Stax 215B
601011 Otis Redding Shake (Live) 1967 28 Volt 149A
634-5789 (Live) (none)
601012 Otis Redding & Carla Thomas Tramp 1967 18 Stax 216A
Oooh Carla, Oooh Otis (none)
601013 Rufus Thomas Greasy Spoon 1967 -- Stax 221B
Sophisticated Sissy Stax 221A
601014 Bar-Kays Soul Finger 1967 33 Volt 148A
Knucklehead Volt 148B
601015 Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign 1967 -- Stax 217A
Personal Manager Stax 217B
601016 Eddie Floyd Things Get Better 1967 31 Stax 187A
Good Love , Bad Love Stax 187B
601017 Otis Redding The Glory Of Love 1967 -- Volt 152A
I'm Coming Home Volt 152B
601018 Booker T. & M.G.s Groovin' 1967 -- Stax 224A
Slim Jenkin's Place Stax 224B
601019 William Bell Eloise (Hang On In There) 1967 -- Stax 227A
One Plus One Stax 227B
601020 Ruby Johnson If I Ever Needed Love (I Sure Do Need It Now) 1967 -- Volt 147A
Keep On Keeping On Volt 147B
601021 Otis Redding & Carla Thomas Knock On Wood 1967 35 Stax 228A
Let Me Be Good To You Stax 228B
601022 Judy Clay You Can't Run Away From Your Heart 1967 -- Stax 230A
It Takes A Lotta Good Love Stax 230B
601023 Sam & Dave Soul Man 1967 24 Stax 231A
May I Baby Stax 231B
601024 Eddie Floyd On A Saturday Night 1967 -- Stax 233A
Under My Nose Stax 233B
601025 Bar-Kays Give Everybody Some 1967 -- Volt 154A
Don't Do That Volt 154B
601026 Booker T. & M.G.s Chinese Checkers 1967 -- Stax 137A
Plum Nellie Stax 137B
601027 Otis Redding (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 1967 -- Volt 132A
I've Been Loving You Too Long Volt 126A
601028 Rufus Thomas Down Ta My House 1968 -- Stax 240A
Steady Holding On Stax 240B
601029 Albert King Cold Feet 1968 -- Stax 241A
You Sure Drive A Hard Bargain Stax 241B
601030 Sam & Dave I Thank You 1968 34 Stax 242A
Wrap It Up Stax 242B
601031 Otis Redding (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay 1968 3 Volt 157A
My Sweet Lorene Volt 157B
601032 Carla Thomas Pick Up The Pieces 1968 -- Stax 239A
Separation Stax 239B
601033 Otis Redding & Carla Thomas Lovey Dovey 1968 -- Stax 244A
New Year's Resolution Stax 244B
601034 Mable John Able Mable 1968 -- Stax 249A
Don't Get Caught Stax 249B
601035 Eddie Floyd Big Bird 1968 -- Stax 246A
Holding On With Both Hands Stax 246B
601036 Bar-Kays A Hard Day's Night 1968 -- Volt 158A
I Want Someone Volt 158B
601037 Rufus Thomas The Memphis Train 1968 -- Stax 250A
I Think I Made A Boo-Boo Stax 250B
601038 William Bell A Tribute To A King 1968 -- Stax 248A
Every Man Oughta Have A Woman Stax 248B
601039 Derek Martin Soul Power 1968 -- Volt 160A
Sly Girl Volt 160B
601040 Otis Redding The Happy Song 1968 34 Volt 163A
Open The Door Volt 163B
601041 Linda Lyndell Bring Your Love Back To Me 1968 -- Volt 161A
Here I Am Volt 161B
601042 Albert King (I Love) Lucy 1968 -- Stax 252A
You're Gonna Need Me Stax 252B
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