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584 003 Sam & Dave Hold On I'm Comin' 1966 Stax 189A
I Got Everything I Need Stax 189B
584 011 Carla Thomas Let Me Be Good To You 1966 Stax 188A
Another Night Without My Man Stax 188B
584 019 Otis Redding My Lover's Prayer 1966 Volt 136A
Don't Mess With Cupid Volt 136B
584 022 Mable John It's Catching 1966 Stax 192B
Your Good Thing (Is About To End) Stax 192A
584 029 Rufus Thomas Willy Nilly 1966 Stax 173A
Sho' Gonna Mess Him Up Stax 173B
584 030 Otis Redding I Can't Turn You Loose 1966 Volt 130A
Just One More Day Volt 130B
584 038 Mad Lads Sugar Sugar 1966 Volt 135A
Get Out Of My Life Woman (none)
584 041 Eddie Floyd Knock On Wood 1966 Stax 194A
Got To Make A Comeback Stax 194B
584 042 Carla Thomas B-A-B-Y 1966 Stax 195A
What Have You Got To Offer Me Stax 195B
584 044 Booker T. & M.G.s My Sweet Potato 1966 Stax 196A
Booker Loo Stax 196B
584 047 Sam & Dave If You Got The Loving (I Got The Time) 1966 Stax 198B
Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody Stax 198A
584 049 Otis Redding Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) 1966 Volt 138A
Good To Me Volt 138B
584 060 Booker T. & M.G.s Jingle Bells 1966 Stax 203A
Winter Wonderland Stax 203B
584 064 Sam & Dave You Got Me Hummin' 1967 Stax 204A
Sleep Good Tonight Stax 204B
584 070 Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness 1967 Volt 141A
I'm Sick Y'all Volt 141B
584 074 Mar-Keys Last Night 1967 Sat 107A
Night Before Sat 107B
584 076 William Bell Never Like This Before 1967 Stax 199A
Soldier's Goodbye Stax 199B
584 086 Sam & Dave You Don't Know Like I Know 1967 Stax 180A
Blame Me, Don't Blame My Heart Stax 180B
584 088 Booker T. & M.G.s Green Onions 1967 Volt 102A
Boot-Leg Stax 169A
584 089 Rufus Thomas Jump Back 1967 Stax 157A
Walking The Dog Stax 140A
584 091 Otis Redding Respect 1967 Volt 128A
These Arms Of Mine Volt 103A
584 092 Otis Redding My Girl 1967 (none)
Mr. Pitiful Volt 124B
584 099 Albert King Crosscut Saw 1967 Stax 201A
Down Don't Bother Me Stax 201B
The following were issued AFTER the split with Atlantic
584 192 Sam & Dave You Don't Know What You Mean To Me 1968 Atl 2517A
This Is Your World Atl 2517B
584 199 Otis Redding Hard To Handle 1968 Atco 6592B
Amen Atco 6592A
584 211 Sam & Dave Can't You Find Another Way 1968 Atl 2540A
Still Is The Night Atl 2540B
584 220 Otis Redding Champagne And Wine 1968 (none)
I've Got Dreams To Remember (none)
584 228 Sam & Dave Everybody's Got To Believe In Somebody 1968 Atl 2568A
If I Didn't Have A Girl Like You Atl 2568B
584 234 Otis Redding Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 1968 Atco 6636B
Direct Me Atco 6636A
584 237 Sam & Dave Soul Sister, Brown Sugar 1969 Atl 2590A
Come On In Atl 2590B
584 244 Bar-Kays Soul Finger 1969 Volt 148A
Knucklehead Volt 148B
584 245 Astors Candy 1969 Stax 170A
I Found Out Stax 170B
584 247 Sam & Dave You Don't Know Like I Know 1969 Stax 180A
Hold On I'm Comin' Stax 189A
584 249 Otis Redding A Lover's Question 1969 Atco 6654A
You Made A Man Out Of Me Atco 6654B
584 250 Mack Rice Love's A Mother Brother 1969 Atco 6645B
Coal Man Atco 6645A
584 259 William Bell Everyday will Be Like A Holiday 1969 Stax 237A
Ain't Got No Girl Stax 237B