London (Atlantic)
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The first appearance of Stax in the UK. Issued by Decca in the UK. The London label is a great favourite with both Rock 'n' Roll and Soul collectors. It must be the most collectable of all UK record labels as it issued early titles by Chess, Motown and Atlantic. The London label was Decca's outlet for American recordings with Atlantic having its own special logo. Only the earlier singles make reference to Stax (or Satellite) and these typically say "Recorded by Satellite - New York". Very strange!

Only the most popular US titles were issued in the UK. The great instrumentals by The Mar-Keys and Booker T. Rufus Thomas's classic 'Walking The Dog' and Otis Redding's debut single. Not a lot of variety but superb quality. You MUST have ALL of these if you rate yourself as a UK Stax collector.

Sadly, none of these made the UK charts when they were first released but 'Green Onions' finally made number 7 when it was re-released in 1979.

HLK 9310 Carla Thomas Gee Whiz 1961 -- Sat. 104A
For You Sat. 104B
HLK 9359 Carla Thomas A Love Of My Own 1961 -- Atl. 2101A
Promises Atl. 2101B
HLK 9399 Mar-Keys Last Night 1961 -- Sat 107A
Night Before Sat 107B
HLK 9449 Mar-Keys Morning After 1961 -- Stax 112A
Diana Stax 112B
HLK 9510 Mar-Keys Foxy 1962 -- Stax 115A
One Degree North Stax 115B
HLK 9595 Booker T. & M.G.s Green Onions 1962 -- Volt 102A
Behave Yourself Volt 102B
HLK 9618 Carla Thomas I'll Bring It On Home To You 1962 -- Atl. 2163A
I Can't Take It Atl. 2163B
HLK 9670 Booker T. & M.G.s Jelly Bread 1963 -- Stax 131A
Aw' Mercy Stax 131B
HLK 9784 Booker T. & M.G.s Chinese Checkers 1963 -- Stax 137A
Plum Nellie Stax 137B
HLK 9799 Rufus Thomas Walking The Dog 1963 -- Stax 140A
Fine And Mellow Stax 140B
HLK 9833 Otis Redding Pain In My Heart 1964 -- Volt 112A
Something Is Worrying Me Volt 112B
HLK 9850 Rufus Thomas Can Your Monkey Do The Dog 1964 -- Stax 144A
I Want To Get Married Stax 144B
HLK 9876 Otis Redding Come To Me 1964 -- Volt 116A
Don't Leave Me This Way Volt 116B
HLK 9884 Rufus Thomas Somebody Stole My Dog 1964 -- Stax 149A
I Want To Be Loved Stax 149B
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